We are very excited that you want to discover our family!
You made a right move..! If you are the one who is lost in the crowd, this is the time for you to walk into our Capstone family. We tag you in a special way, to jazz up your personal flair for Christ. We cheer and please your presence as you surely boost our church throb!
We are ordinary people from different linguistic and cultural settings, from all walks of life. Far from being perfect, weakness is our starting point. This constantly pushes us to count on God’s grace and draw strength from lovely and perfect God. We believe that church is for everyone who seeks, asks and need a reliable pal in their life’s journey. We are thrilled to be your bosom buddies in this dynamic adventure. We will have our success and failures together, but we promise that we will never give up on each other. Capstone family values the mission of serving a Big God, aiming to rightly venture the impossible, believing Holy Spirit to guide and lead us. Our drive is to become culturally relevant, but never to forget our origins and foundations. Not only to be zealous in worshiping the Creator, but also to love and reach out His Creation. We extremely value a personal relationship with God which makes us fall in love with Him head over heels!
Thank you for taking time to see who we are. We welcome you heartily, joyfully and lovingly to be our family member. Come celebrate the Life Giver with us! Pastor Chaitanya & Janet.

Our Heart

“I have accomplished the work which You gave me to do” (Jn. 17:4), these were the confident words of Jesus, at the crux of His ministry on the earth. The words resonate a mission accomplished with sheer determination and single-mindedness. His words are filled with satisfaction of completing the purpose for which He came from heaven to this earth. Jesus had a mission, that is to fulfil the will of the Father on earth and He did it. To build a community of believers was His Vision. Even if He started with twelve first, He was so passionate about it that those twelve became the foundation for a vast network of believers for generations to come. His plan was simple making disciples who in turn make disciples. His ministry, His focus, He walk, His talk, His teaching, well, everything His did was towards discipleship for impact. One plan, simple, and nuclear powerful.

Give to missions

At Capstone, in a nutshell our mission is simply stated:
to reach unbelievers with Gospel, then help them to develop into fully devoted followers of Christ and to make disciples who dream to make a forever impact, anywhere they are.

Bond with us by joining the Sunday bash which speeds up your heart beat for Jesus.


At Capstone,we want to help you grow in your walk with God and develop your potential as a Strategic Leader through a culture of Evangelism, Nurturing, Leadership Development and Pastoral Care. Our plan for YOUR growth can be expressed in four simple terms… A culture of Evangelism – resulting in multiplication of small groups and church growth.

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