johnny_1256 Acts 2:42—They devoted themselves… The Bible teaches that individuals who choose to follow Christ immediately become part of God’s family. As part of living out devotion to Christ, they are brought into face-to-face community with others who are growing in love for God and people. This way of life is evident in the first century church as described in Acts 2:41–47. Against tremendous opposition, the early believers banded together for teaching, prayer, worship, and serving for God’s glory and purpose, and this is still happening among communities of Christ followers today. Capstone remains steadfast in its commitment to reaching its full potential as a local church. We are intentional about joining Christ in His mission and faithfully living this out together. Just as the early church was fully devoted to following Christ together, we too are “all in” as a committed family of believers. While there are many who attend Capstone Church, those who decide to officially become part of this local church are called participating members. Our five membership commitments are: I commit to Christ as the SAVIOR and Leader of my life. I commit to develop Christ-like servant hood. I commit to take ongoing steps to grow in my relationship with Christ. I commit to pursue Christ-honouring relationships. I commit to join Capstone Church as a participating member in full support of its vision and leadership. Just like our mission, vision, values, and beliefs, these commitments keep us pointed in the same direction. We are all at different places when it comes to spiritual growth and maturity, so these five areas provide us with common points of reference as we seek to become a Christ-centred community. These commitments keep us from relying on good intentions and move us toward committed participation as part of the body of Christ, the church. Church Membership is a commitment. By choosing to become a member of Capstone Church you are committing to be a part of this local body of believers. You are committing yourself to the leadership of the pastor and to the vision of Capstone Church. You are committing to build strong, Christ-centered relationships with other members of this local church. This means that you are committing to walk in Christian love, endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit and refuse to give room to the evil forces of strife, division, backbiting, jealousy and competition. You are committing yourself to serve the church with the grace and gifts God has given to you. You are committing yourself to support the work and ministry of Capstone Church with your tithes and offerings. While the membership requirements at Capstone Church are simple we suggest that you decide on your membership prayerfully. We recommend that you attend the Church services regularly for at least 3 months before making a decision about your membership.   Requirements for Becoming a Member of Capstone Church
  1. Accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour according to Romans 10:9-10.
  2. Must have attended Capstone Church for a period of 3 months.
  3. Become a part of a Capstone Plug-in (effective August 2011). Every member of Capstone Church must be part of a Capstone Plug-in.
  4. Commit to supporting the local church with your tithes and offerings.
  5. Attend the membership class. (You must attend Capstone Church for a period of 3 months before attending the membership class.)
  6. Complete, sign and submit the Membership Form.
For membership form mail to

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