Monthly Archive: August 2016

“I have accomplished the work which You gave me to do” (Jn. 17:4), these were the confident words of Jesus, at the crux of His ministry on the earth. The words resonate a mission accomplished with sheer determination and single-mindedness. His words are filled with satisfaction of completing the purpose for which He came from heaven to this earth. Jesus had a mission, that is to fulfil the will of the Father on earth and He did it. To build a community of believers was His Vision. Even if He started with twelve first, He was so passionate about it that those twelve became the foundation for a vast network of believers for generations to come. His plan was simple making disciples who in turn make disciples. His ministry, His focus, He walk, His talk, His teaching, well, everything His did was towards discipleship for impact. One plan, simple, and nuclear powerful.

At Capstone, in a nutshell our mission is simply stated: to reach unbelievers with Gospel, then help them to develop into fully devoted followers of Christ and to make disciples who dream to make a forever impact, anywhere they are.

How do we do it? (Mission)

Our Mission is to Glorify Christ through everything we are and will be, to reach and uplift the contemporary generation of the city of Hyderabad and then the nation of India with the gospel of Christ and to raise leaders who in turn become influential in modifying their community. This is a thoughtful effort to encourage people to dream and challenge fresh outlooks of their pure motives in establishing God’s kingdom. Our key facet is discipleship that leads to ‘church planting’ and ultimately to build an outstanding Church that is full of heartfelt worshippers, profoundly rooted in the word of God, generous in their giving and unwavering in their commitment to Christ. Capstone Church values the passion in raising diligent leaders who’ll reach the missing folk through a disciple making movement. Our key interest is to create forever impacts and steadfast influences on minds and hearts of people. Every individual is taken care of and nourished personally by the Pastoral concern, so that every member of the church does not miss to spark in God’s eyes.